Jeremy Peterson, MD, a provider at Fairview Clinics – Princeton, and his wife, Heather, are expecting their third child this August and are sharing their pregnancy journey with us.

Morning SicknessHeather’s Experience   

I’ve struggled with morning sickness with each of my pregnancies, but this time was the toughest. In the past, my morning sickness would start around week seven and subside around week 16 or 17. While the first pregnancy was the most severe, this time has lasted the longest—till week 21!

Unfortunately, my morning sickness wasn’t limited to the morning. I felt waves of nausea throughout the day, and multiple episodes of vomiting were not uncommon.

The triggers with this pregnancy have also been different. This time, meals were really tough—the aroma of food like chicken, coffee and cooked vegetables triggered my sickness.

Finding relief 

I’ve tried lots of different ways to fight nausea and vomiting. Here are a few things that helped me:

  • I became very familiar with all things ginger: supplements, ginger ale, lemon ginger tea, ginger gum. Ginger is a known natural remedy for morning sickness, and I found it helped some.
  • I kept small snacks at the ready and reduced the size of all my meals to prevent getting sick. I also avoided the main triggers, which meant Jeremy even put the coffee pot downstairs so I couldn’t smell it.
  • I found iced tea helped settle my stomach in the mornings.
  • I followed a well-known medical regimen of Vitamin B6 coupled with Unisom, which was recommended by both my doctor and by my husband, Jeremy.

Ultimately, these tricks weren’t always enough, and my doctor prescribed Zofran for the really difficult times. I feel fortunate things never got bad enough that I had to seek emergency care like some women do, but it was certainly tough physically and emotionally.

In the end, I encourage you to keep trying to find something that will work. Cut yourself some slack and try to remember at some point it will get better. As simple as that sounds, I still had a hard time remembering this myself. You’ll get lots of advice from others—don’t worry if they do not work for you. Everyone is different and so is their experience!

Pregnancy care at Fairview
Dr. Peterson and all of our providers encourage women experiencing morning sickness to reach out to their provider for advice. It’s important, especially if vomiting occurs, to avoid dehydration.

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